Ass Prof Iain Brownlee, Northumbria University
Ass Prof Iain Brownlee
Northumbria University

Associate Professor Iain Brownlee joined Northumbria University in 2019, having begun his lecturing career in 2010. He completed his first degree in Physiological Sciences at Newcastle University. This inspired his interest in whole-body and systems physiology that led him to pursue a PhD in dietary fibre and gastorintestinal function. Iain's subsequent research has focused on dietary fibre, whole grains, seaweeds and their potential impacts on parameters of cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal health. His work has included the design and management of randomised, controlled trials, cross-sectional studies in infants, children and young adults, laboratory modelling of gastrointestinal function, and studies related to digestive enzyme detection and activity. A number of projects he has worked on overlap with international health claims regulations.

Iain has collaborated with pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industry partners throughout his career. He has successfully supervised 5 PhD students to completion and has research collaborations and networks in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and the Republic of Ireland.

Iain's teaching roles has particularly leant on his physiological background and focus on supporting students in evaluating and filtering information while developing their ability to evaluate existing evidence and apply their knowledge and understanding to address the complex, global challenges that relate to human nutrition.