Jeff Crowther, Health Products Association-China
Jeff Crowther
Health Products Association-China

Since 1993, Jeff Crowther has been working in natural health product industry. During which time he has held positions in retail management, international business development and regulatory advocacy. He’s recognized as a leading expert on China’s dietary supplement industry and nutrition industry. Since 2005, he has been living in China and working closely with the Chinese and U.S. government to encourage the further development of China’s dietary supplement industry and to promote the association’s member’s products and services.

In 2010, he founded the U.S. – China Health Products Association and is its executive director. The association is a U.S. non-profit organization and represents the largest grouping of global dietary supplement and nutritional ingredient manufacturers operating in China.

USCHPA is not only an industry advocacy group, it also offers its members a wide variety of business services such as product registration, customs clearance, trademarking, partner search and any other undertaking its members need to succeed in one of the most challenging markets in the world.